My main hobby is electronics and computing. I like to fix things and make things. Over the past few years, I have become more interested in microcontrollers and embedded programming, with platforms such as: Arduino, BBC Micro:bit, ESP8266/32 and STM32.

I also enjoy repairing vintage computers - here's a Sinclair ZX Spectrum with some significant patching up:



Example Projects

If I think a project is useful, I'll publish details on Github (link below) and I like to make any original hardware, such as printed circuit boards, available free for non-commercial use.


Grant Searle published a design for a multi-purpose computing platform called the MultiComp at The aim of the design was to allow a low-cost Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) board to be set-up to emulate one of a number of classic vintage computers. Grant published the bare schematics for his design, but did not cover any specific form of construction for a finished MultiComp. My Multicomper circuit board design holds the FPGA board and the additional components required to complete the platform ready to be setup with Grant's FPGA code:



The full project write-up can be found here:




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