A replacement sound chip for the Commodore 64. You must be SIDding!

This is a replacement board assembly for the SID (Sound Interface Device - it was the noisemaker) chip in the Commodore 64 and 128 computers.

The original SID chips are not the most robust of integrated circuits, and in this C64, it faded away until it could barely be heard. Replacement, original chips are becoming hard to find and they tend to be quite expensive, plus there's always the risk that they will be ageing badly too.

A SID sound chip

Good old SID
(1987 vintage from the date code)

Over the years various microcontroller-based replacements have been developed. The SIDKickPico, by Frenetic, is the new SID on the block. It's based on the Raspberry Pi Pico board attached to a carrier PCB with some interface logic. Assembling a completed unit is fairly straightforward, and for this project I have been assisting with code testing, notably for the analogue joystick/paddle logic.

SIDKick Assembly

SIDKick Assembly in Commodore 64

SIDKick Setup Menu

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